Sunday, January 18, 2009

RM 29.90 (SOLD)
This time round.. stones!!

Realised that i haven't made anything green in ages! So green lovers, go nuts!

Materials: Greenstone, antique chrome butterflies, silver chain and clasp.

RM32.90 (SOLD)


No time to stop and admire nature in the hustle and bustle of the current lifestyle? Lets bring nature right to your doorstep with a burst of flowers!

Materials: Hand painted glass flower, polymer clay flower, silver leaves, silver chain and clasp.

RM 29.90 (SOLD)

For the out and on the go!

Looking at this piece, it exudes a aura of rugged-ness within.. Easy to match with a medley of colours! Actually the inspiration came from mixing and matching various shades of purple materials.. woot!

Materials: Pearls in dark and light purple, leaf charm, geometric glass bead, precious stone chips, silver spacers, black beads, silver chain and clasp.

RM15.00 (SOLD)

Teddy Bear!

Materials: Stainless steel teddy bear, silver plated necklace and jump ring.

RM 34.90 (SOLD)

Materials: Charms, black crystal, silver plated chain, fixtures and toggle.

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1:50 PM

RM 29.90

Pinky pinky!!

Lots of customers asked me to make bracelets with flowers.. i was like all flowers? then it will be so ex! Do you want to pay? haha.. they were like.. how bout just 1? So here goes.. a pinky pink pink themed bracelet!

Materials: Polymer clay white flower, geometric glass bead, pinky cat's-eye beads, spacers, pink beads and silver clasp.

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3:01 AM

RM45.00 (SOLD)

Butterflies and dragonflies!!

Peeps! Something interesting and new with a garden-full of animals in a bright a rray of colours!

Materials: Stainless steel butterflies, stainless steel chain antique brass bell charms, chrome toggle and dragonfly charms.

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2:41 AM

RM 45.00 (SOLD)

Hie guys... sorry for the long hiatus! To brighten up your CNY outfit, why not try something bold and red! As the saying goes, More red more luck!!

Materials: Stainless steel charms, stainless steel chain (Best thing is it will not turn black! ), silver toggle.

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2:34 AM

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

RM 30.00 (SOLD)

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4:57 AM

Monday, January 5, 2009

Earrings made funky..

RM 13.00 per pair (SOLD)

Funky styles for the hip and young at heart... Made 2 pairs so far. What do you guys think about it? :)

Materials: Hand painted floral design on black acrylic chips, silver findings, alluring red japanese seed beads, heart designed geometric bead, silver plated earring hooks.

Materials: Reflective deep sea shell, aqua blue precious stone chips, perfect white pearls, chrome coloured bronze chain and earring hooks.

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10:49 PM

Unisex Tribal Pendants!
RM15.00 each (SOLD)

Ancient tribal to modern day collections can be found just here.. Take a browse and does your mind allure you to the classic modern or the charming symbols of the past? Its your pick! If you cant make up your mind and decide on all 3, its all's sweet.. as further reductions are available for a pick of 3!

Materials: Paua shells embedded in a granite stone setting, white polished marble, granite dolphins

Materials: Ancient symbol of luck engraved on wood. Varnished to give a bold look.

Materials: Hand-painted tusk on a white background, engraved fine lines for added character..

All comes with an adjustable intertwined string.

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10:07 PM

PrEtty In PurPle ..
RM27.00 (SOLD)

Purple is the new IN frenzy these days.. Coming in all shades of purple, this necklace is an easy and hassle free match.

Materials: Luminescent light purple bellflowers, acrylic chips in shades of purple, 2 sized silver necklace and a silver spacer.

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9:30 PM

One of Spring's Collection..

RM 43.90 (SOLD)

Where i spent most of my year.. In NZ.. back there.. it is time for spring soon! So lets bring the cheer of spring back to Malaysia with this necklace..

Materials: Unique black stone, "made with love" charm, pearls, milkish-white shell, two sized chrome chain, silver chain, polymer clay flower in pretty peach, rose-engraved beads, chrome spacers and a silver heart and arrow ending.

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6:55 PM

I HeArT U!

RM27.00 (SOLD)
WOOT! Valentines is just around the corner! As i will not be in Malaysia already at that time, this piece will only be on sale till the end of January. So who is the lucky guy (to be able to purchase it, not to wear it :P) OR the lucky girl to be the receiver.. *winks*

Materials: Antique bronze charm, golden Japanese seed beads, black glass crystals, silver plated endings (heart and arrow), geometric spacers and chain, chrome chain and spacers.

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6:37 PM

Hie everyone, I am a student who has a keen interest in making jewellery for sale to suit every customer's taste.
I strive to maintain my customer's interest as my top priority.
Feel free to browse my blog!!
Queries, orders and suggestions are welcomed!



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