Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Cross My Heart..

Materials: Silver plated cross pendant, silver chain, purple amethyst beads, purple cats eyed beads, silver spacers, silver clasps and hook.

With Circles and everything Round...

Materials: Silver chain, hoop, clasp and hook. Transparent and red frosted beads, solid black faceted pendant.

Brass Fashionista..

Materials: Brass chain, hoops, heart pendant, clasp and hook. Turquoise stone, frosted transparent bead,

Materials: Brass chain, hoops, solid heart pendant, clasp and hook. Tranparent, red and black frosted beads.

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8:35 PM

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NZD 8.00 (SOLD - Tx Adeeb)
Flyaway angels..

Materials: Silver plated angel wings, silver hooks, amethyst stones.

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10:29 PM

NZD 8.00 (SOLD)
Funky tribal..

Materials: Silver hooks, silver spacers, red and black crackled beads, red crystal, antique feather charm in chrome.

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10:15 PM

NZD 8.00 (SOLD)
Seeing Red..

Materials: Dark red crackled bead, silver spacers and hooks.

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10:13 PM

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NZD 8.00 (SOLD - Tx C!)
Shells from NZ...

Materials: Shells, silver hooks and spacers.

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6:59 PM

NZD 8.00 (sold)
Frosty winter..

Weather has turned a bit wonky these days.. frosty, misty, rainy and what not.. So, why not fit the theme of the day with a pair of these?

Materials: Transparent crackled beads in different sizes ( gives the frosty look and feeling), silver hooks and spacers, crystals in deep red.

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6:53 PM

NZD 15.00
Is it gold i see??

Materials: Gold plated chain, antique chrome coloured clasp and toggle, antique chrome coloured ring and feather, turquoise stones, glass beads in peach, gold-plated spacers.

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6:47 PM

NZD 8.00 (SOLD - Tx D)
Havent seem to be seeing purple in the past few posts...

Purple earrings to match the purple necklace posted up a while ago..

Materials: Silver spacers, silver hooks, amethyst stones and purple cat's eye beads.

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6:44 PM

NZD 15.00 (SOLD - Tx E)

Materials: Black, red and white crackled beads of different sizes, antique chrome coloured chain, toggle and clasps and black stone.

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6:35 PM

Sunday, May 10, 2009

NZ 8.00 (SOLD - Tx S)

Earrings have made a comeback!
Something quite dressy aye?

Materials: Silver hooks, Black and red crackled beads, lilac cat's eye beads, red crystals, silver spacers

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